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Betterment Projects is a social network to showcase ongoing improvement and continued individual project need, both large and small, around the world. This site is a place to celebrate the hard work of people striving to make the world better. Betterment Projects is a user friendly social network and open forum for individuals to post what they have done and what they need to help our world. No one can help until a need is understood. Let's start by discussing and showcasing world issues. We can then analyse what is being done to address these issues. Please post what you need, what you would like to see happen, and what you have done. Encouragement for others is always celebrated.

The future goal of Betterment Projects is to have a contest in which people improving the world can win a reward:

Here is a chance to be rewarded for making something, anywhere in the world, better. Document what you made better and tell us why you choose this project. Submit your project and small entry fee through our website.

Betterment Projects hopes to encourage people to make a change with a reward incentive. These projects are open to creativity. The requirement will be before and after photos or short video of an individual project with a description explaining: What was bettered? And why this project? A contestant can enter a project that has already been started or is finished. There will be a small entry fee that will go towards paying for the contest winners prize. If the contest is unsuccessful the entry fee (less a small service charge) will be reimbursed to each contestant.

A Betterment Project can be done anywhere in the world. So start brainstorming your project.

We are currently setting up the community, so feel free to join and become one of our founding members!

Betterment Projects is in need of volunteers to help with this site and endeavor.

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Social Betterment Videos

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