What’s the point of Betterment Projects?

What’s the point of Betterment Projects?

I am not a great scientist, a wonderful humanitarian or the perfect steward of our Earth. I am however a concerned citizen that is disturbed by real world problems that are bigger than myself. I, like many others, have become complacent thinking that these problems will play out as they may. At times, I think any positive change I perpetuate is about as effective as adding a single drop of water into an ocean.

I studied Conservation Biology in college and like many other people, I became angry at the lack of awareness/effort put into the understanding and reversal of our environmental systems degradation as a whole. I helped with reports and analysis, had long conversations with like-minded people, and after years of anger, I let it go. Despite accepting my ineffectuality, I find myself pointing out major ecological disasters to individuals who have no idea about the cause and effect of trash, radiation or hydrogen carbonic acid. I join local groups that focus on positive solutions. However, the disheartening thought of any single species dying off every day is no longer in the forefront of my mind. I have one life to live and do what I can, with peace, love, and wonder in my heart.

With this mentality I no longer see the world's problems as just my own, they belong to everyone and everything. If many individuals are helping hands to the small space around them, cumulatively big changes are possible. As opportunities arise to do small helpful things, to make the world a little better, there are people that will do so. Let’s all see these small tasks taken on and little things changed for the better.

Betterment Projects came about based upon a reward incentive program that will be explained in the near future. Space was needed to display individual projects/tasks that improve something. Web designer, Justin Farrow, saw my vision and built a social network platform to host people's projects. I hope this site can become a motivational, inspirational and an educational platform, as we build around people's wants and needs. All suggestions and comments are openly welcomed.

This site is a space for people to share their passion, knowledge, and ideas about making anything in the world better. It is here to bring like-minded individuals together and inspire small change. Let us celebrate small accomplishments and individuality. Encourage one another and discuss local needs. This forum is open to every kind of project, big and small. Thank you for your passions and drive towards the betterment of our world. Welcome to Betterment Projects.

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Cory Emerson
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