ECC & My Inch of the Earth
Environmental Cleanup Coalition Overview
Kill odor, eliminate odor with Ozone Generator, eliminate tobacco, fire smoke, mold smell,
Rent HEPA Air Scrubber, Negative Air machines for Mold Cleanup, Fire smoke removal, Dust Control..
Water Leak Alarm, detect water leaks, avoid paying thousands for water damage, mold cleanup
How to locate and remove Mold. Mold removal cleanup and detection.
Food For All Project Introduction
ECC participating in South Trans-Atlantic Gyre Research Expedition
Plastic Baggies
Plastics (A Supplementary Film)
How to Dry out water damage, leaks, floods with dehumidifiers and cleanup mold with airscrubbers
A Q Management Mold Experts, Water Damage Experts in Los Angeles Disaster Equipment Rental